She's 10

Where did the year go? Seems like it was yesterday when I was bringing her home and thinking "OMG... how do I do this?"

Thank God she was easy! Hardly cried, slept through the night at 2 weeks. Seriously only spat up like 5 times. Had her first mild ear infection at 12 months old. I remember all my Life Connection friends having babies at the same time and saying "this is so much harder than I thought" and all saying that it was going to be while before they had another. All I could think was "what are they talking about?! This is a breeze!". And then came Max. Wow.

So here are her 10 year portraits. My beautiful (from the inside out), smart, compassionate, patient baby. I'm so forever grateful for her.

A quick smooch from Daddy.

Had to try a sun flair artsy photo. (However, the little red piece of flair at the bottom left looks like a oval-headed guy with sunglasses on... hmmm)

Click Here to view her 9-year-old post.

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