Glenn | Birmingham Photographer

Location: Ross Bridge

January has been a slow month - as it is for many Photographers. Weather is too cold for pictures and pockets are empty! Makes it a great time to catch up with my blog posts, my blog, my house, etc. And I'm actually cooking again! Imagine that!

Anywho, here's Glenn. He's a PT for Shelby Baptist and works with Russ whose girls I photographed a couple months ago. When Glenn went to his mom's house recently, he noticed all the pics of his sister and her family and no pictures of himself. He said the only framed photo of him was from when he was a Senior in High School so he thought it was about time that his mom had an updated photo of him.

So we headed out to Ross Bridge - one of his favorite places to golf. It was an overcast day - which works out since, as you know, golf courses are wide open with almost no shade. It was a lovely location - great doorways, stone buildings and, of course, the green.


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