Earth, Wind, and Fire | Morris Avenue Birmingham Family and Children Photographer

Location: Morris Avenue

I can hardly believe I'm almost done playing catch up. Just one more session after this one and then you're going to see some food photographer of my friend Meredith's AWESOME food...and recipes!

I feel like a broken record, but this is yet another Valleydale family. Todd and I have known Jon and Amy since we joined Valleydale just over 12 years ago. After enduring difficult pregnancies and handing over their precious twin boys to their Maker several years ago, God blessed them with 3 beautiful girls even allowing #3 to be a surprise. God is good all the time and all the time God is good. They always showed patience, grace and perseverance through the long years of waiting and the months of praying for their boys' complete healing. Today they can honestly say that God has healed their boys and given them a full, abundant life.

On to the fun... Jon lovingly nicknames his girls "Earth", "Wind", and "Fire". It was so fun to experience their totally different personalities.




Love a good laughing photo!

Big, Happy Family


  1. I love this family and these are beautiful pictures. God has truly blessed Earth, Wind and Fire with incredible parents. Blessings!

  2. aww...love this sweet family. You captured their personalities perfectly

  3. are earth wind and fire their names? How precious!!!

  4. I love how Earth became the big sister to help maintain balance and harmony with Wind and Fire as her little sisters! It makes perfect sense that the eldest is the grounding factor!

    PS I am not the eldest in my family!!LOL

  5. hahaha My sweet girls.. I miss them! And the first pic of Fire sure made me laugh outloud... that is SO her momma!! :) Beautiful family & Beautiful pics!