I'm officially old | Birmingham Portrait Photographer

Location: Mount Laurel

I have known these kids for many years now. When Todd and I joined Valleydale Church almost 12 years ago we began serving in the nursery. S was one of our 3 year olds and she's not so much 3 anymore, which means that I'm old.

Here's big sis, T.

And the one who makes me old, S. How in the universe did you change from being knees and elbows to a beautiful sparkly young lady so fast?!

Baby brother, A.

I love the relationship these girls have - like best friends.

Poor A doesn't have just one mom, he has 3 :)

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  1. So true! If you are feeling old, I am definately feeling older. Psalm 103 says that the Lord renews our YOUTH like the eagles. So at least we are younger on the inside. :) The Momma