Goin' Fishin'

After the ballerina shoot I walked with some good family and friends down the road to the fishin' hole.

Daniel and Carter often go down to this pond for some quality time, and Carter was very excited to be going with everyone.

This beautiful dog greeted us on the way. At lease think he was greeting us. More of a glare than a greet. Oh well!

Caleb gave it a try...momentarily.

After a few minutes, Daniel decided to go to his tried and true spot. Over the fence...AKA Trespassing. Christy wasn't very please that her baby was being passed over the barbed-wire on a regular basis.

A yard dog arrived and took interest.

Even after being shoo'ed several times and being told to "getonouttahere!", he (or she) decided to try to get the worm off the end of Carter's hook. He (or she) succeeded, but unfortunately got hooked. Don't worry, apparently this is a common occurrence because his (or her) owner took it out like it was nothin'. Man, those yard dogs are tough!

Carter was NOT understanding. He was mad at the yard dog for messing up his pole and therefore ending the excursion. (Notice how far away Daniel is from his son who is feet away from a sharp barbed-wire fence.)

Christy snapped this one of me and my very first model, Palin.

Lori and Wes came with their truck to give everyone a ride home, but Christy and I decided we needed to walk off our lunch.

'Course we just had to stand in the middle of the road and slow them down. Hehe!

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