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This series, I fear, is not about solutions. It's about problems that may or may not have a solution. I'm sorry if you're a SN parent coming here looking for answers today, because I have none.

So on this edition of SN House, I'm going to talk about holes. Well, one in particular.

In Alabama when the temperature dips below 50, we are FREEZING and begin pulling out the sweaters, long johns, gloves, and toboggans. In other words, when it comes to cold temperatures, we're weak.

For the last few days, it's been in the 40's in the mornings. Cold enough (to us) to fire up the gas logs! So this morning, Todd went to get the fire started and found trash stuffed in the hole where the key goes.

He used my tweezers (not his) to remove the obstructions.

Max likes holes and details. I'm guessing he was downright giddy when he got each of these items crammed into the key hole.

I love a good fire, don't you?

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