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My friend, Tara, thinks I need to do some house posts about how to keep house with a SN kid in the midst. So here goes... this may be the only post or maybe I'll keep on adding to this series I'm calling "SN House"

[Disclaimer - Max's room is soon going to be Mega Greige. The white you see in a couple photos is spackle where I covered up nail holes. The blue is a color I was considering for about 5 seconds.]

To get the scoop on Max, click here

Max's room is pretty bare. This is because when we put him to bed and there are toys in the room, he chooses to play rather than sleep. So about 2 years ago, I finally gave up on keeping any toys in his room and moved them into my dining room home office. So his room consists of his bed, a small table for ABA therapy and 2 chairs. No pictures on the wall (because they tend to get swung creating arcs - maybe he's just trying to make happy faces...hmmm).

He does have a nice-sized closet. It's big enough for a small chest of drawers that holds all his clothes, a few "Church" shirts, and all the stuff Jennifer uses for therapy time. (Thank God for therapy time - also known as 2 hours that I don't have to get him out of mischief)

This is his nightly routine:
Administer medication
Administer 2mg of melantonin
Change him into a nighttime pullup
Turn off his room light from the fixture (so he won't be turning it on and off before he falls asleep)
Tuck him in
Lock his door (from the outside - so he won't escape)

10 minutes later...

"Max... get in your bed!"

20 minutes later...
Max has scooted his bed in order to turn on the light in order to pry the child lock off the closet door in order to party in his closet. oi.
scoot bed back into position
Close and put child lock back on door
Tuck child in
Turn off light
Lock door

The party closet...

This cycle is sometimes repeated.

So today I decided to nip it in the butt.

I went to Home Depot and picked up a door knob that locks - like you put on your bathroom or bedroom door.

Then I went to the electrical problem and told the electrical guy "I have a unique problem that requires a creative solution". And proceeded to give him more information then he needed. He showed me this...

I installed the doorknob as soon as I got home with the lock on the inside. Sarah - 1, Autism - 0.

Jennifer was coming over today to therapize Max, so I asked her if her hubs could come over and install the light switch thingy because I'm scared of electrical stuff. Thanks Michael. :)

You use the eensy weensy tiny key to turn the light on and off. Fabulous. A tiny key. That's what I need. :-|

Keeping the key in a high place.

Addendum - eensy weensy tiny key is officially lost.

Doorknob - $8.47
Lockable Lightswitch - $12.99

Sarah - 2, Autism - 0.


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  1. oh no about the eensy weensy tiny key!

    i am so glad you are posting SN's house stuff. your beautiful photography will open a lot of eyes that otherwise wouldn't see what life with autism is like. and, hey, i am sure you're going to pass along some great ideas to other families.

    can't wait to do your mural... a working title for that post... "Autism-resistant Decor."