Bed Frames Are Overrated | SN House

On this edition of SN House, Bed Frames and the advantages to not having them.

Today, Max broke off a piece of his bed frame that was soldered on.

So removed the vile piece of furniture from the room piece by piece.

Four advantages to NOT having a bed frame:

1. Bed jumping won't be as loud.

2. Less dirt under bed. (Hopefully)

3. Less gouging of wall. (which will be particularly nice once the walls have been painted - which is waiting on school to begin - hard to paint with SN boy racing around the house like a bull in a china shop.)

4. Less gouging of molding. (no, my quarter round has not been painted yet even though the flooring was installed like 4 years ago... don't rush me)

So here's the bed, frameless. I put a fitted sheet on the box springs to hide their ugly-ness.

Through the magic of Photoshop, I present to you what the walls should look like once I have an opportunity to paint them.

After I paint the main color, I'm considering doing a stencil from Royal Design Studios at the head of his bed like a faux bed frame. I may even keep my eye out for one more box springs just to raise the bed up a bit.... we'll see.

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  1. Love it, Sarah! I have been thinking about doing this myself!!!