Six-month-old Liam | Birmingham Family and Baby Photographer

It's Monday, the day after Easter. As usual, we had a rousing Easter service at Valleydale Church. Once again we sang "In Christ Alone" and again I wept. That song always gets to me - especially when I'm singing it with the instruments playing and the choir raising their beautiful voices. How does anyone get through that song with a dry eye?! I should know better than to wear mascara on Easter Sunday!

So today, and every day, we get a fresh start. We can know that what we did in the past is forgiven and forgotten - floating in the sea of forgetfulness. Nailed to the cross we are done with guilt. And though it's sometimes difficult, we must find our joy in knowing that Jesus not only loves us, but wants us even after we've messed up over and over and over again. His arms are open ready to embrace us. I have to remind myself of this daily, sometimes hourly. He wants me. Overwhelming... but in a good way.

Wow, didn't mean to get all philosophical on ya'. :)

Here are some of my favorites of young Mr. Liam. Hope you enjoy!

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  1. You are starting to have a Lena Hyde look (which I love)!