She has good [red] hair | Pelham Baby Photographer

Meet my newest sprout, M. She's actually 8 weeks old here, but I'm so glad Mom and Dad didn't hesitate to call me to do her 1st year pics.

When I arrived at their house and saw M and her red hair sticking up all over the place I said, "Don't worry, it will go down".

My youngest baby girl, Emmy, had hair just like that when she was a baby.

I saw another photog do a name tag for a baby client of hers and I just had to give it a go!

BTW, after the shoot, I came home and Facebook friended my client. I was looking at her about page and saw that she is only 1 year older than a girl I used to keep every morning. I'm so old!

Getting tired.

Almost done honey, I promise.

Oh that hair. What's not to love?!

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