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Brian and Nicki, like my friend, Carrie, have been long-time friends whom Todd and I met when we joined Valleydale Church almost 13 years ago. They were also faithful to pray for our family when Max was being diagnosed and on and off through the years. This past summer, both Brian's dad and Todd's dad were suffering with cancer. We all prayed for each other and both Todd and Brian lost their dad's on the same day, August 2nd. We like to think they are friends in Heaven.

Abby and Kinsey are the same age and have been friends since birth. When Kinsey and Morgan came to Abby's 3rd birthday MANY years ago (I'm feeling old right now), I snapped the sweetest photo of Morgan with bubbles in her hair and face and Nicki still has it displayed in her home.

I know I say this all the time, but I'm truly humbled when friends choose me to do their family portraits. This time is no different. Here are my favorites...

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