Surprise Will | Smith Lake Newborn Photographer

Location: Smith Lake

My cousin, Erica, and I have always been close since we were very little. Even though, for many years, we lived states apart, we always seemed to be quite comfortable with each other and the distance never mattered. One of my favorite memories that my dad reminds me of is many years ago when we were both like... I don't know... 8 or so, we caravaned to a family reunion. Both our vans were hooked up with CB radios. I would beg my dad to talk to Rapunzel (Erica's handle). I'd say "Rapunzel, this is Minihaha (my CB handle)... hi". Then she'd say "Hi". Then I'd say "Hi." And so the conversation would continue until we both drove our parents nutty!

Erica was done having children 4 years ago, so naturally, as soon as she sold all the baby stuff, she became pregnant. God has a sense of humor like that. So here is Erica and Alan's surprise, Will.

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