Fabulous B's | Birmingham Family Photographer

Location: Birmingham Botanical Gardnes

I learned something new on this shoot... "Goofy" is a southern term. It's something I never thought about, but Tara brought it up when I was doing their family portraits a couple weeks ago. I think she's right!

I look so goofy today!

Todd, don't be so goofy!

I don't know what is up with Max, but he sure is acting goofy.

Tara's has some Yankee in her. But I still love her... she has a lot of the south in her by now.

Here she is with her beautiful family - hubby, Dave, and boys, T and C.

LOVE how no part of C is touching the ground here.

Keeping it real.

Dave and Tara's version of an American Gothic look.

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  1. I think your blog looks great. And you know I love the photo of him walking while holding his shoe, kicking up dust!