1 Year Later and Loads of Fun! | Birmingham Family and Children Photographer

Location: Aldridge Gardens

LOVED LOVED LOVED seeing my friends, the Snows again. It's amazing how much the kids changed in such a short time having photographed them almost a year ago! I know they feel blessed to have these 2 happy, healthy kids, but with them being less than a year apart in age, they certainly have their hands full!

I asked M and B to take a seat on the rock, but B replied "I squat". You just go ahead and squat, B, that's very Chinese of you! :)

M telling B something quite hilarious!

M looks amazingly like his daddy.

And though B is adopted, this face, is so her mama!

It was so fun to see you again! Hang in there, and have fun! They grow up WAY too fast!

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