Well, Max is in love. Today in P.E. he went straight in the gym (which is odd for him to go straight in), sat down next to a little girl, took her hand, looked her in the eyes (with his golden eyes), and said "La-Ka La-Ka".

I can just hear the background music now... "I wanna' be a player..."
Can you hear it?

I wonder if her young heart skipped a beat. I mean why wouldn't it, Max is soo handsome. I know, I'm his Mama, but seriously, don't you think he's cute?

I think the gel I put in his hair this morning may have given him an ego boost.

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  1. That is SOOOOOO cute! sweet boy....better not be breakin hearts already...cant handle it! haha I guess i'll have to make myself available to translate for dates now????