Sunday Ramblings

1. My cup of coffee this morning making nice swirly steam. mmmmm LOVE my morning coffee before everyone gets up.

2. Dancing with Max by Emily Colson - GREAT book about Chuck Colson's daughter and her journey as the single mom of an Autistic son.

3. My view as I lay in the grass this afternoon - our new Sunday ritual - no TV, radio, etc on Sunday's from sunup to sundown. I look forward to it every week.

4. My pitiful armoir. I REALLY need a new one. I got this one at Target several years ago and I didn't put it together just right. I've been looking for a new one, but just can't find one at the right price that's also the right size. ug.

5. My giftwrap draw. OH. MY. GOODNESS. Please tell me yours looks like this. Everything must be removed in order to retrieve the right bag and tissue paper.

6. LAUNDRY. Why in the universe can I not keep up with the laundry? I mean what's the big deal? I just can't seem to get it folded in a timely manner. So I send my children to school clean, but wrinkly. What kind of mother am I?

7. Fitted sheets are impossible to fold. Martha Stewart, please teach me!

8. My boys' favorite perch.


  1. You asked: "What kind of mother am I?"

    Normal (!!!) and just right for your precious ones!

  2. I have one load on laundry in the dryer wrinkling as we speak and one load just outside the dryer where I left it in order to dry the previously mentioned road. I have a new saying, "EVERY DAY is laundry day!"

  3. This is one of my favorite posts. I like the ones where you give us a sneak peak of you and your family. Anyhow, you are a normal mom. I think you are amazing to be able to work from home. I don't know how in the world you are able to be a photographer and a mom and do what I know you do all the time - edit photos, cook, etc. You are a great mom. :) I haven't been able to figure out even when to blog lately.