Homewood Family | Birmingham Family and Children Photographer

Driving out to Homewood, I knew that photographing this family was going to be fun. Homewood is an older area of Birmingham that's known for its' nostalgic style. Parks and shopping centers are in walking distance and many people are seen on beautiful Saturday mornings riding bikes and jogging on the plentiful sidewalks under the established trees. The Saturday morning of this shoot was no exception. I so enjoyed the hospitality in the form of waves and smiles as I drove to my clients' beautiful home under the trees.

C and C are the Uncle and Aunt of another client I photographed last year in Old Town. I always love seeing family members of past clients and noticing the likeness that they share. I hope you enjoy these pics, my favorites from the day.

Their first baby, Brutus.

And their pride and joy, baby C.

Seriously beautiful people!

And a Cookwire Photography favorite, the "baby [or children] in focus with mom and dad out of focus" photo. It sort of says "I'm the center of my parent's world!"

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