Miss Fancy | Birmingham Children's Photographer

I have been wanting to use this pettiskirt ever since I purchased it from Layla Grayce after another client wore one for her shoot. Layla Grayce liked my photos of it so much, they decided to use one for their online catalog.

I was waiting for just the right client, and Miss Fancy was it!

This little one just so happens to be niece to my local bestie, Jennifer.

What's particularly interesting is that the skirt didn't exactly fit her, so her mama decided to take the ribbon and tie it up around her neck like a dress. That girl is smart, I tell ya'!

Thanks for suffering in the heat with me Miss Fancy - it was a long, sweaty 10 minutes!

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  1. Beautiful! Miss Fancy is one of my favorite little people! She's so full of life and love! Great job capturing these, Sarah!