Inchin' up to 1 year! | Helena Baby and Family Photographer

Little Miss is soon going to be 1 year old and I will no longer be seeing her every 3 months. Tragic, right?

I have really loved (hated) watching her change over the last 9 months. It really is amazing how quickly babies change.

As parents we don't notice it, but since I go 3 months at a time with not seeing her, I'm always astounded at her height, maturity and that fact that her lovely eyes are still 2 different colors! :-)

Remarkably enough, Mom and Dad haven't changed a bit in the last 9 months... well, that's not true, Mom has lost a few pounds since her maternity session last September.

Love how Daddy seems to be having a heart to heart with his little girl...one of many to come, I'm sure.

Little Miss, could you please just stay little for a bit longer? Thanks.

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