It's all about the belly

We've all heard it... Man plans, God laughs. The Smith's know this all too well! They were "done" when baby #2 arrived and then God blessed them with #3. And THEN God blessed them with #4.

I did the Smith's family photos back in August. Shortly thereafter, God surprised them with a 4th pregnancy. Sweet Micah prayed and prayed for a brother, but God, showing that He's writing the story, is blessing them with baby girl Victoria in May.

On the way to the shoot it was raining. Jennifer drove and prayed and I too. When we arrived it was bright clear skies! So we made sure to get all the out-from-under-the-bridge shots done before the rain came back.

By the time it came back, we were ready to head under the bridge for a few more quick shots.

I took a few more by this cool brick wall and I was trying to get a natural smile out of Jennifer so I asked her to laugh. So she gave me this big, exaggerated, fake laugh! Which in turn produced a natural giggly expression. So, in the end asking Jennifer to laugh worked!

I love this shot because it shows everyone's personalities perfectly!

Thanks Smiths! I love you!


  1. I absolutely love the last one! Too cute Sarah!

  2. Jennifer and MichaelMarch 16, 2010 at 10:02 PM

    Right back at you! We love you too!