The Happy Harpers

Stealing a quote from April Hollingsworth, I have to say that photographing beautiful people makes my job so easy!

The Harpers definitely are beautiful on the inside and out! The Harpers go to Church with us, in fact, their little boy, "Pea", is in Emmy's preschool class. They are such a sweet family - so loving and fun to be around. The ducks joined us for a few of the photos!

Jamie and Daniel are so sweet together. They just adore each other and had no problem kissing when I asked them to!

Jamie, the Princess, and the Pea!

Daniel, the Princess, and the Pea!

A kiss for daddy... on the chin!

Daniel found all these bug shells on a tree.

Jamie and I thought it was gross!

On our way out, Pea became fascinated with some rocks.

All in all a great, fun shoot. Thank you for glowing with Christ's love - you're such a wonderful example of what a Christ-follower should be!

Be sure to check out Jamie's blog, Happy Harper Stories.


  1. I don't think of myself as a beautiful person, and only aspire to be beautiful for God, but these photos make me feel beautiful when I look at them. We had fun at the shoot, and certainly love looking at all the photos. I really don't know how I will pick. Thank you for the kind words which I hope I live up too, and all the photo fun. I love them.

  2. Great images!! You really captured this one. Continue shooting!! God Bless!