How to: Grill a Steak

It takes skill and patience to make the perfect steak, but not to worry, I'm here to show you how...

Step 1: Purchase a charcoal-warmer-upper

This is not the official name of this gadget, but it is very useful. Have your 6-year-old inspect the device to make sure it is indestructible!

Step 2: Take cool picture of reflective grill cover

As you can see, at the right angle, you can get a rounded reflection of yourself, your messy backyard and the blue sky.

Step 3: Prepare Charcoal

Put charcoal in charcoal-warmer-uppers and light.

Step 4: Allow charcoal to smolder

And take another cool picture of the smoke billowing up. This takes about 15-20 minutes.


Step 5: Put yummy, juice steak on grill

The closer to the center the better - I guess - I don't really know - I'm just looking for a reason to blog. :-)

Step 6: Cook

And take yet another cool picture of reflective grill.

Step 7: Turn steaks

About 6 minutes in, turn steaks. I was changing a diaper during this step, so I missed the photo-opp.

Step 8: Turn steaks

After about 5 minutes, turn the steaks again.

Step 8: Test Temperature

Using a meat thermometer, insert end into thick center of steak. Keep cooking if you like your's "done done". I'll take mine medium-rare please.

Step 9: Drool

Nothin' like a nice, juicy steak, fresh off the grill. mmmm...

Step 10: Mustgo's

Mustgo's is a term coined by my mother meaning "Everything must go". I decided to try the leftover steak on my salad of spring greens, gorgonzola cheese, cranberries and walnuts with a homemade balsamic vinaigrette.

Coming Friday...How to grill a Hamburger!

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