Wow, a Wedding!

I can hardly believe it, but I will be photographing my first wedding this November. In preparation for it, my Photog friend, April Hollingsworth allowed me to be her assistant at a wedding this past Saturday. It was great to see how the flow of things go and I definitely learned some things about exposure and composition. Thanks, April, for letting me come along - I can hardly wait till November when you'll be assisting me! Yee-haw!

Here's my new sweet, talented friend, April:

Here are some of the shots I took:


  1. I love the way you've set up the images for your blog! Thanks for your help. Good work!

  2. I'm in awe! Wow! If I go ahead and book you for the three weddings I have coming up in about 15-20 years can I get your rate now?

  3. Tasha! You're so funny! Thanks though! I'm assisting on another one next Saturday too.