Hamburgers and a Sleepover

We really did have hamburgers tonight. Although I had planned on photographing the cooking and eating of the hamburgers, I was busy getting food ready and keeping kids happy.

Todd has discovered Publix's Bakery Hamburger Buns. Thick. Light. Golden.

My mom made potato salad because I don't know how. Thanks, Mom!

Dinner happened a little later than usual for us. You see, we eat as soon after 5 as possible. Today it was at 7, so Max was not happy. But it was short-lived - he quickly returned to his happy-go-lucky self after a little nourishment.

We all watched "The Price is Right"...kinda. You see, Bella and Abby decided to entertain us with a fashion show.

Emmy, curiously enough, doesn't care for "The Price is Right" and decided to pick up a book to read with my Mom, AKA "Nanny".

We all had a great time together. I have no idea what Abby and Bella were up to, but they sounded happy, so we let them be. Max had jump time in our bedroom while watching his favorite show, Oswald.

At 10:25pm, I heard a roar of laughter from Abby's room. This is what I found - two 8-year-olds making fun of an old Barney clip they found on the PG side of NetFlix.

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