My Garden

I just love taking pictures of flowers after the rain. Everything looks fresh and verdant. So, here is my garden.

I have 2 hydrangea's in my garden. This is the only bloom between the 2. What's interesting is that this bloom is on the bush that's in the sun most of the day and the plant it self is relatively small. The one in the shade is HUGE, but no blooms.

Vines are must in a garden. They're easy to grow and the spread so nicely (covering up a multitude of weeds!).

I just love it when they creep outside the garden just a bit.

Here's another vine I've got going. I didn't know it was a vine when I bought it, but it's has such lovely white edges.

Hosta's are also very easy to grow. I'm not sure what's eating this one, but normally it's very healthy and full. In the early spring it has one beautiful bloom that rises tall out of the center.

I can't remember what this little sweetie is called. Starts with a "Cl" I think. Anyways, I love that fushia against the dark green - it stands out so beautifully!

And now for my herbs! Max loves my herbs - sometimes he comes in smelling of basil!

This basil is out of control. I promise I hardly ever water, but it just loves this spot and grows till it's downright bushy. If you need any, just let yourself into my backyard and help yourself!

The Parsley is also out of control. I don't use this as often, but I love to have it just in case though - herbs are so expensive in the store, so this a great way to save some cash!

Thyme is so yummy. You just hold the stem upside down and with your thumb, index, and middle fingers, pull down releasing the leaves.

This, along with the basil, is great to throw into your pasta sauce to take it over the edge! It's kinda a pain to prepare since the leaves are so small - you need a bunch and then you have to chop them, so I don't use it very often.

I bought "The Best Mint" at Petals of the Past a few weeks ago (actually, my Mama bought it). I got it solely because it smells wonderful!

This comes back every year and also is wonderful to just smell. I'm not sure what to do with it though. Any ideas?

And these are my weeds. What's a garden without weeds? Boring, right? Please agree. I don't have time to pull weeds!

Thanks for walking through my garden with me today. And remember, if you need an herb, just swing by, cuz I've got 'em!

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