Fussy with reason

Max was fussy tonight. Not like the fusses we (and he) endured of years past where he was completely inconsolable for a reasons we are still unsure of. I imagine I would be fussy if I had much to say and express and couldn't. If all I could do was look deeply into another persons eyes and hope and pray that they telepathically understood my desires, I would be seriously fussy.

We administered his nighttime meds, dressed him for bed and tucked him in in hopes that soon the fusses would wane. But as we began the nightly cleanup, Abby's heart was pricked. She just knew she could make it all better. So she brought him out, got him a snack and snuggled with him in the recliner.

And he watched Kipper on Abby's Kindle...upside down. (He's already seen it right side up so this adds a new element of humor to the cartoon)

That's what sisters are for.


  1. So sweet...such a nice New Year beginning. I love that smile!

  2. This is precious! The smile on his face is priceless, as is the deep caring look in hers!