How To Be | Birmingham Family Photographer

When I go to take family portraits, people often are nervous about smiling at the right time, looking at the camera, etc. Well, here's your session prep lesson.

  1. Hug something you love.

  2. Take a seat.

  3. Be cute.

  4. Grab a rock.

  5. Relax.

  6. Make a silly face.

  7. Strike a pose in the flowers.

  8. Stare.

  9. Talk about something dirty... like your house. :)

  10. Trap 'em!

  11. Love without restraint.

  12. Play.

  13. And above all else, don't forget the peanut butter.

1 comment:

  1. great tips and what an awesome family to help demonstrate the tips! they are naturals!