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Location: Veteran's Park

Hello my dear blog followers. I'm in a funk. Let's call is "summer", okay? I have probably said this before, but I feel like this has been the busiest summer yet. We've went on vacation, had VBS at our Church, and my brother and nieces were in town for 2 weeks (just left today..boo). All that on top of trips to Alabama Adventure and Smith Lake, storms (one of which took my kids' blow-up pool with it), and general entertainment of my 3 awesome, healthy, loving, fun, energetic, hungry kids. :)

So that is why the blog has slowed down. Do you forgive me?

Ok, moving on!

I recently made connections with a few families who have special-needs children and this is one of them! Laurie found out about my work from Aaron's Staff - a respite care service that we both enjoy! If you live in the Birmingham area, you should definitely look them up!

Laurie has 3 boys. Her middle son has Cerebral Palsy and cannot bear weight on his legs. I really enjoyed talking to Laurie about the challenges of having a child with special-needs - the war that you have with yourself of wanting healing for our kids yet worrying if your child would impact the world he does if he were healed. It was great to find someone who truly gets it.

Love this hair!

And this little guy was FAST! Typical for a 2-year-old.

I handed him this camera to give him something to do for 3 seconds. ;)

Laurie and I were so excited to get one all together where 2-year-old wasn't scampering away!

Be sure to check out Laurie's blog here.

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