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Location: Aldridge Gardens

This morning, I went to pick up Max's BFF, Micah who just happens to be V's only brother. V was waiting at the door, attempting to escape for an outdoor adventure. Walking in, I scooped her up to have a little chat. When Jen asked her to give me a kiss, she was hesitant and simply put her face up next to mine. So sweet! My favorite part of that short 5 minutes was when I handed her back to Jen and she reached for me. Be still my heart! I love getting my baby fix satisfied by that little sweet one!

Here she is, a big (little) one-year-old!

This one cracks me up because she was hating the grass and was attempting to make as little contact with it as possible. Too funny!

Big sister, Bella, almost shares a birthday with V, so we had to do some photos of them together.

Here she is from womb to one!

It's been such a quick year V! Can I still do your pics every 3 months? Pretty Please?!

Click here to see more pics of V.

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