A Life Group | Birmingham Family and Children Photographer

Location: Morris Avenue

I've made a decision. From here on out I'm going to shoot Valleydale families only. That's logical, right? Just Kidding!

Yes, this is another Valleydale family... er, 4 Valleydale families! The Henderson Life Group is a very tight group with very close friendships and bonds. It was so fun to see the dynamic they all have together.

Their fearless leader and family:

It was cold and windy - C, who is usually the happiest child was not pleased with the frigid breeze. A was so proud to be holding 1-month-old N, but was obviously concerned with C as she cut her eyes over.

Included in this group package was an album which was so fun to make and I was able to include almost ever photo. (First image is the cover followed the by the inside pages).


  1. These are great...

  2. Beautiful post Sarah! Great example of living LIFE together!