Pinkalicious and T-rucks | Helena Special Needs Photographer

This past Wednesday I had the pleasure of photographing these two sweeties, G and A.

G is one of the girliest girls ever. She was quite concerned about getting dirt on her feet when we went to the playground. Such a sweet girl though. G reminded me of my Abby because, like Abby, G is a big sister to a lively, energetic boy with Autism.

Every time I put the camera up to my face, G was ready. She would say "cheeeeeese!" But I did manage to capture and excited, natural smile when she climbed on the teeter-totter with her daddy.

And here's sweet A. He was so excited about all the trucks and cars driving down the street. Every time one passed, he would say "t-ruck! t-ruck!" So cute!

I was really wanting to get a photo of him looking at the camera, so I hopped on the tire swing with him and snapped away! I'm so glad I got this photo of him!

Nothing was more exciting to A than the slide!

I truly enjoyed getting to know about another family who deals with Autism daily. It's not easy for anyone, but the P's are helping A overcome Autism with the grace and hope that only God provides.


  1. sarah, loooove this last photo the best. very creative. keep em coming!

  2. Sarah, I don't know how you did it, but you have captured both of my kids personalities in these pictures. No one has ever been able to do this! These are the most beautiful pictures I've ever had of my babies! I'm rearranging the kids' rooms so that I can put some of these beautiful pictures of them on the wall! You're the best!!