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  1. I am sitting at La Reunion in Old Town Helena using their internet connection because mine has been down since Friday morning and just in case you were wondering, I did get a lot done without the distraction.
  2. I have a couple Canadians visiting my blog and I'm wondering how they found me... Please make yourself known - I'm VERY curious! Oh, and thanks for visiting!
  3. I really think everyone should use Google Chrome - I still have most of my visitors viewing my blog from IE 7 which has way too much bling. Switch Now!
  4. Facebook status' I would have posted had I the internet:
    • If I am ever rich, I am soooo buying disposable socks just so I don't have to sort them... of course if I am rich enough to have disposable socks, then I'd be rich enough for someone else to wash and sort them
    • Dry grass on laminate floor is driving me nuts. I'm seriously considering a no-shoes-indoors policy
    • OMG(osh) the kids have been home for 30 minutes and there is already a bunch of dead grass on my floor
    • [Sarah Gaertner Cook] is getting ready to take Max to his first Baseball practice!
    • [Sarah Gaertner Cook] is looking forward to dinner at Panera Bread - GNO, here I come!
    • La Reunion cafe in Old Town is yummy and cute.
    • I'm so tired of cold weather, but so thankful for shelter.

  5. Friday night Max had his first practice with the Opportunity League. There are basically no rules. The batter hits the soft yellow ball off the tee and then various coaches and volunteers randomly throw balls to the other players to pick up and toss in any given direction. Still, I think all the kids had fun. Max particularly enjoyed racing from base to base.

  6. Saturday was a fun-filled day in the 'Ham

    First we ate at The Depot in Old Town where Max plugged his ear.

    Then we went to the Vulcan where we enjoyed the following views from the top of the statue:

    The 'Ham

    Vulcan's rear! ;-0

    I decided that I need to have a new head shot done and I like the light and the steps at the Vulcan. First I had Abby sit in the chosen spot so I get the adjustments on my camera just right. She is covered with grass and a bit disheveled because she had been attempting to roll down the hill.

    Then, because I like to live on the edge, I handed my 9-year-old my very expensive camera and told her to look through the viewfinder and place the rectangle between my eyes and click.

    Pretty good, don't you think? Yes, I removed the handlebars from the photo of me - they were distracting.

    Next we went to the Birmingham Museum of Art, which is FREE!

    Loved this building on the way there.

    I didn't take many pictures in there because I was trying to keep my 2-year-old from destroying ancient art. I did take pictures in the courtyard.

  7. Yesterday we spent the day in Old Town. Can you tell that we are trying to soak up as much warmth as possible before the snow comes back.

    I know I've mentioned this before, but my boy has the greatest eyes ever, see?...

    These 2 dogs meeting caught my attention.

  8. Hopefully, my internet connection will be back up by tonight. I feel so disconnected from my internet friends!

Thanks and have a blessed day!

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