B Family

Wow, it's been so cold lately - I don't blame people for not wanting to get outside for a photo shoot. However, I LOVE in-home shoots because they are more meaningful, comfortable and unique.

The B's have such a beautiful, stylish home. I was so impressed with Tara's minimal, clean, uncluttered style, that it inspired me to come home and clean out the junk (which is currently taking up most of the garage) from my house. I just love a calming, peaceful home and so glad that my house is now becoming that thanks to Tara!

I started off the shoot with silly T...

And T's sweet baby brother, C. What a gorgeous boy! I love this age of wonderment!

Sweet brothers!

Tara and her boys! Her friend, Sarah Gorss did the beautiful Intaglio-style artwork behind her.

David and his boys!

David and Tara are my kind of people - they met in marching band!

Sweet B Family!


  1. Amy, these are just great. Love to see my boys too. You have a blesses gift. Keep using it for Him.

    Jean Campbell (Suzanne's Mom)

  2. As usual, I love it! Great photos of this sweet family.