The Setup | Birmingham Family Photographer

This is Howie and Joy and their shorties. In the fall of '95 I began college at Georgia Southern University. Joy and I became good friends and when her boyfriend, Howie, came to visit, they would kindly allow me to be their third wheel. After a while this practice became a little awkward, so I casually mentioned that if Howie had a nice, handsome friend, he could bring him along. The following January, Todd, who was attending the University of Alabama, and I began emailing and getting to know one another. We met in person at Smith Lake over Spring Break - it was nerve-racking and awkward and Howie and Joy giggled the whole time [they are still giggling]. We married in December of '98, 6 months after Howie and Joy.

They now reside in Homestead, FL where Howie is the Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church of Homestead. They were so kind to swing by on their way home from all their Christmas travels so we could meet their 4 kids and share a meal. It was so good to visit with them even though it was so brief. Their encouragement and laughter was so wonderful to experience. I insisted on doing a quick photo session of them before they left.

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