A Hero

Last night Abby and I had dinner with her 4th grade teacher who is a Missionary.

Kate was (and is) a wonderful teacher for Abby, sometimes breaking the rules in order to allow/enable her students to love learning. Ms. D required each of her students to hug her goodbye every day in sickness and in health. Abby still emails her and expectantly checks her email daily for a word from her beloved teacher. After which, she checks Ms. D's Facebook page and blog.

Last year was her last year to teach and in just a few short weeks, will be leaving the US for Honduras to meet the needs of individuals there. She will be operating a center that feeds, encourages, guides mostly boys in their day-to-day lives in La Ceiba. She is going there to be a representative of Jesus to them. Doing what Jesus did when He walked this earth - meeting people's needs. It's simple really.

The call to be a missionary to these people was so strong that she quit her job that she loved, sold her home, is leaving behind 3 sisters, nieces and nephews, and her parents, and is giving up many American comforts that we treasure so dearly. I don't think many of us could do that.

I could only hope that if I felt such a call from God that I would just give it all up.

Could you do that? Really?

I feel like I ate with a movie star, ya know? Like I totally had dinner and chewed the cud with a missionary... who just so happened to teach my daughter for 9 months. How cool, right?

It was an honor Kate! Thank you so much for giving us a couple hours of your precious time and I can't thank you enough for being a wonderful example of what a Christ-follower is supposed to be to my baby.

Be sure to keep up with Kate via her blog, A Voice in the Streets.

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  1. I just read "Kisses from Katie." Very similar story. Get the book. It's great.